Get Involved!

Baw Baw Food Hub is now established and ready to welcome participation from a range of partners. If you are interested in finding out more about local food and the kinds of projects we're keen to participate in, you are encouraged to get in touch with us via the contact page!

Eaters sign-up for a weekly vegetable box and order a wide range of locally grown organic produce including eggs, bread, preserves, dairy and meat.

Food businesses retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, caterers and processors are invited to source local and organic goods through our online shop. Please let us know if you are interested in larger volumes or regular orders.

Growers talk to us if you would like to market your Gippsland-grown produce with us. We can aggregate produce from very small to larger scale growers and can handle large volumes of seasonal produce as well as the output of an abundant backyard plum tree! 
In particular, we are eager to source fruit, produce for Winter and Spring, and certified organic. Get in touch if you are considering putting a crop in, or if you know that you will have a surplus in the coming months.
Following the success of our Fair Food Week farming workshop, we'd like to organise more workshops, field days and training sessions throughout the year for producers. We are also thinking about ways of implementing an local accreditation scheme for verifying and monitoring the practices of smaller scale producers who are unable to justify full organic certification. So if you have any ideas, let us know.

Volunteer there are many ways to support our social enterprise, including packing of veggie boxes, cleaning, transport, logistics, managing orders. We can always use help with accounting and legal advice as well. If you have some time, or a particular set of skills you're willing to contribute, we'd love to hear from you.

Employment as Baw Baw Food Hub increases it’s range of products and scale of operation, we are seeking people who share our vision to come on board and help us manage our long list of projects.

Collaboration buyers' groups can source veggie boxes for distribution in West Gippsland. A network of Gippsland Food Hubs is emerging, with exciting opportunities for collaboration and logistical efficiencies.